Mature believers worship christ in his church

     Vertical Church is not just our church name, it's a church movement. Movement from the horizontal to the vertical. At Vertical Church it is our goal every week to come together in corporate worship and pursue the manifest presence of God. We want to set aside the routine temporary life of a horizontal existence, to pursue the exhilarating transcendence of vertical worship. It's all about the glory of God. We love to worship God. Worship fuels all we do. When this age is over and an innumerable host of saints gather around the thrown of God, preaching, evangelism, and missions will all be gone. Worship will remain. Worship is eternal. We believe that the human spirit is uniquely designed by God to be ultimately satisfied with Him, the Lord Jesus Christ. Each week at Vertical Church we pursue the deep satisfaction of God centered worship. That's the vertical movement. Come join us! 

     Get to know some of our music. The Vertical Church Band is based out of our mother church in Chicago, IL and produces some of the most powerful and popular worship music in the world today. While we enjoy and sing songs from multiple artists and bands, the best way to get to know our style and pursuit in worship is to get familiar with the band that has helped lead the vertical movement. Check out their site today and come and join with us as we sing some of your favorite and most edifying songs.

  • frontiers

    The much anticipated third concert recording and fourth overall release from the Chicago-based songwriting and worship team, Frontiers is the follow-up to 2015 chart-topping Church Songs. Led by a seasoned group of worship leaders that include Meredith Andrews, Jon Guerra, Andi Rozier, Kyle Fredericks, Lauren Smith, Tara Stutes, and Gabe Finochio, the musical muscle behind Harvest Bible Chapel’s worship ministry offers up another inspiring set of songs, including the single "Exalted Over All."

  • Church Songs

    A diverse lineup of worship leaders come together on Vertical Church Band’s third album for an act of common reverence. The God-centered focus of the group (affiliated with Chicago’s Harvest Bible Chapel ministry) is sustained throughout the live performances captured here. Standout tracks include Tara Rios’ Celtic-tinged ballad “Restore My Soul,” Gabe Finochio’s electronica anthem “Shout It Out,” Kyle Fredricks’ contemplative acoustic number “Come Ye Sinners,” and Meredith Andrews’ stirring rock hymn “Do What You Want To.” “Bound for Glory” closes Church Songs with a burst of folk-revival exuberance.

  • The Rock won't move

    Vertical Church Band, the worship team from Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago that includes worship leaders Meredith Andrews, Seth McConkey, Kyle Fredricks, Andi Rozier, and Jon Guerra, among others, returns with its second album, this one recorded live at the chapel in front of an active and enthusiastic audience. The worship team wrote, along with songwriter and producer Jason Ingram, some 100 songs for the project, narrowing it down to the ten included here.

  • Live Worship

    Live worship from The Vertical Church Band at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago.


Sunday 10:30am

Oak Hall School

8009 SW 14th Ave

Gainesville, FL 32607