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What Every Church Can Be

making mature Christians

We are here to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by making mature Christians who worship Christ, walk with Christ, and work for Christ. They:

Worship Christ in the midst of the congregation. Corporate worship is vital to the health of a maturing Christian.

Walk with Christ in the community of believers. Small groups are an integral part of growing mature Christians.

Work for Christ in His world. Faithful witness is the manifestation of a healthy Christian.


Jesus Christ is the rock of our salvation and the firm foundation that the church is built upon. Our four pillars assure that we are building soundly upon Christ. By focusing on them we keep our vision clear. Throughout the life of our church you will experience a clear emphasis on these four pillars:

1. Unapologetic Preaching- Proclaiming the authority of God's Word without apology.

2. Unashamed Adoration- Lifting high the name of Jesus through worship.

3. Unceasing Prayer- Believing firmly in the power of prayer.

4. Unafraid Witness- Sharing the good news of Jesus with boldness.


Sunday 10:30am

Oak Hall School

8009 SW 14th Ave

Gainesville, FL 32607